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2017-10-02 06:15:02 by FM-Studio

Hi everyone!

We are proud to introduce Forgotten Hill: Mementoes, a series of mini-games that will reveal important episodes, secrets and memories of Forgotten Hill.

The first Memento, Run Run Little Horse, is about friendship and a terrible event that marked the childhood of one of Forgotten Hill residents.

Run Run Little Horse

The second Memento, Love Beyond, is about the greatest power of all, strongest than fear, more intense than life. Yes, it’s about Love, but since we are in Forgotten Hill things don't go exactly the way you expect...

Love Beyond

More Mementoes are coming soon to Newgrounds, so stay tuned and we hope you can survive.


2016-11-06 12:13:06 by FM-Studio

Hi Everybody! We are excited to launch today the Forgotten Hill: Contest!

The rules are very easy: submit us a FanArt sketch, a plot idea, a charachter’s description or anything that comes to your mind about Forgotten Hill games and you will be in!

We are going to select the most interesting 10 entries, and send one of the fantastic T-Shirt the Puppeteer made for us to the author!

You can share your ideas with us via private message, or through our Facebook page, using the contact form of Forgotten Hill website or again sending us an email!

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So, what are you waiting for? Show us your ideas, win a T-Shirt!